LEAF: Life Enhancing Activities for Family Caregivers

If you take care of a family member with dementia, you probably already know that this can be a demanding, stressful job. Family caregivers often suffer with higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and impaired physical health, and many provide care with little or no support.

Researchers at UCSF are testing a program for family caregivers of people with dementia designed to increase levels of positive emotion, which in turn can help lower stress and support ways of coping with the stresses of caregiving.

We are seeking caregiving adults nationwide to participate in the LEAF Study. English-speaking participants with access to wifi internet will receive one-on-one skill building sessions, delivered by one of our trained facilitators via easy-to-use video conferencing on a tablet computer the study will supply to you. Because we use video technology, caregivers can participate from wherever they are in the USA. Participants will also complete home practice activities and online surveys.

LEAF is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research (division of the National Institutes of Health).